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The NGO was founded in 2014 by human rights defenders and lawyers who set themselves the goal of organizing the effective implementation of international law, human rights law and humanitarian law. From the very beginning of the NGO's activity, the values of the organization are rule of law, human rights, ethics, justice and the right to a fair trial. 


With the beginning of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the main goal of the initiative was to bring the top leadership of the russian federation to justice for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.


Our mission at NGO 'Tribunal' is to uphold the principles of international law and human rights by promoting justice, accountability, and the rule of law.

We are dedicated to exercising and defending the rights and freedoms of individuals, safeguarding public interests, and fostering the development of a just and equitable society.


Through our advocacy, legal expertise, and collaborative efforts, we seek to establish mechanisms for accountability, including the creation of a Special International Tribunal, to hold perpetrators of aggression against Ukraine accountable for their actions.


By raising legal awareness, empowering civil society, and advancing the rule of law, we strive to ensure a world where justice prevails and human rights are protected for all.

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Online meetings

The NGO holds online meetings with lawyers, parliamentarians from several countries, international media, and representatives of human rights organizations. As a result of these meetings, many influential people have supported the project and become our ambassadors and/or participate in the process of creating the Special Tribunal.


Sociological surveys allow us to identify the public opinion of the community of individual countries in their personal attitude to Russia's aggression against Ukraine in order to further advocate at the political level for the establishment of the Special Tribunal.

Offline events

Holding conferences, seminars, round tables, briefings, etc. in foreign countries (as well as in Ukraine) on the need to establish the Special Tribunal. Such events allow for direct communication to discuss the possibility and mechanisms of establishing a Special Tribunal, gain political support, shape public opinion and intensify the work of NGOs in their countries.


Visuals and promo

The project plans to publish a series of leaflets, posters and booklets explaining in detail the international mechanisms of legal responsibility in the light of existing legal norms, as

well as justifying the need to establish a Special Tribunal.


The authors of the Project, realizing that the crime of aggression is the basis for all other crimes committed as part of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, propose to create an exhibition material consisting of photographs, objects, multimedia products, interactive applications to clearly demonstrate the horrific events taking place in Ukraine today

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