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Possible scenarios for convicting Russia for the crime of aggression

November 28, 2022. representatives of NGO Tribunal together with the representatives of the Working group created by President Zelenskiy took part in the Round Table "Possible scenarios for convicting Russia for the crime of aggression", Paris, France.

The event was initiated by the Office of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in partnership with Synopia Think Tank and brought together high-level Ukrainian and French experts in international justice.

“Today, the fight against impunity has become a moral imperative.”

The event was also attended by (in alphabetical order):

  • ABEDI Jordan, Head of the Ukraine Mission, Deputy Head of the Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, Ministry of Justice, France.

  • BAUDRY Mathis, Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, Ukraine Mission, Ministry of Justice, France

  • BECQUART Ameallie, Head of Mission in charge of International Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France.

  • BUTLER Walter, President of Butler Industries, President of the United for Ukraine

  • CATHALA Bruno, Honorary Magistrate, First Registrar of the International Criminal Court, President of the Synopia Orientation Council.

  • CHAMPALOUX Elsa, intern in the Legal Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France.

  • COLAS Diego, Director of Legal Affairs, Quai d'Orsay, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France.

  • CROQ Gwenaelle, Head of Mission, Directorate of International Relations and Strategy, Ministry of Defence, France.

  • CSONKA Peter, Deputy Director of Criminal Policy in the Directorate General for Justice, European Commission

  • DE BENNETOT Quentin, Colonel, Armed Forces Staff, Office of the Major General.

  • DE KERGORLAY Denis, President, Cercle de l'Union interalliee, France.

  • DIATCHUK Valentina, Phd culturology, professor of the Academy of Public Administration of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Russian Federation

  • DOUTRIAUX Yves, State Counselor, France.

  • DRIK Oleksandra, responsible for international cooperation at the Center for Civil Liberties, Nobel Peace Prize winner

  • DUCLOS Michel, former French ambassador to Syria, Special Advisor to the Montaigne Institute, France.

  • FAUCHERRE Cecile, Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, Mission Ukraine, Ministry of Justice, France.

  • FERRIER Jerome, former President of the International Gas Union, member of Synopia, France.

  • GARAPON Antoine, Magistrate, specialist in transitional justice, France.

  • HAZAN Pierre, Senior Advisor, Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, France.

  • HUBRECHT Joel, Program Manager at the Institute for Research in Law and Justice (IERDJ), France.

  • KENIGSBERG Arthur, collaborator of Frédéric Petit, National Assembly, France.

  • KHOMENKO Olena, Ukrainian MP, Member of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

  • KLENABER Sarah, Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, Mission to Ukraine, French Ministry of Justice.

  • KORYNEVYCH Anton, Ambassador-at-large of the Ukrainian MFA

  • KOZULIA Uliana, Head of the Main Department of Judicial and Legal Work of the Legal Policy Directorate of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

  • LE BRET Didier, Ambassador, former Director of the Crisis Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Board of Directors of Synopia.

  • LUPATSII Volodymyr, co-founder of the National Platform for Resilience and Cohesion of Ukraine, consultant to the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

  • MALAFAYE Alexandre, President, Synopia, France.

  • MAUPAS Stephanie, journaliste, Le Monde, France.

  • MELNYCHUK Oxana, Consultant to the Director of the Cabinet of the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, project manager of the association "Unis for l'Ukraine".

  • MEZENTSEVA Maria, Ukrainian MP, Head of the Ukrainian Delegation to the PACE

  • REILAND Jean-Philippe, General of the Gendarmerie, Central Directorate for the Fight against Crimes against Humanity and Hate Crimes (OCLCH), France.

  • RICARD Jean-Francois, National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor, France.

  • ROMANOV Roman, Director of the Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative at the International Renaissance Foundation.

  • SCHAUB Jean-Marc, General Delegate of the Synod.

  • SCHAUB Laura, Project Director at Synopia.

  • SMYRNOV Andrii, Deputy Head of the Office of the President, Coordinator of the Working group

  • STARON Josephine, Director of Research and International Relations, Synopia.

  • THOUVENIN Jean-Marc, Law professor and lawyer, France.

  • YERMAK Andrii, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, head of the Working group

  • ZABURANNA Lesia, Ukrainian MP.

  • ZIMMERMANN Patrick, Admiral (2S), member of Synopia, France.

As a result of the roundtable, the participants drafted and signed the final communiqué, which calls on states and governments to establish a Special Tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.


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