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"Putin should not think that he can get away with anything", - Prosecutor General of Ukraine

Feb 10, 2023 NGO Tribunal held the off-the-record meeting for french journalists with Andrii Kostin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

At this meeting, representatives of the French media heard the official first-hand information and were able to ask their questions. The Prosecutor General reiterated the importance of punishing Russia not only as a state, but also the specific individuals involved in the planning and execution of the act of aggression. The prosecutor once again explained the difference between the different types of crimes, and the possible mechanisms of punishment for these crimes. In this regard, the question of creating a Special Tribunal against Russia for aggression against Ukraine was once again raised.

Journalists were also interested in the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children and the documentation of war crimes.

According to the official information of the Office of the Prosecutor General

(As of 10.02.2023)


  • Over 66.000 war crimes

  • Over 16.500 crimes against the foundations of national security of Ukraine

  • Over 9.500 civilians killed (including 461 children)

  • Over 12.500 civilians injured (including 922 children)

  • Over 78.000 objects of the civilian infrastructure destroyed or damaged

  • 269 persons have been notified of suspicion of committing war crimes. Indictments against 92 persons sent to court. 25 perpetrators convicted

  • Criminal charges in the crime of aggression have been brought against 639 persons (Russian military command, officials, propagandists et c.)


  • Over 2600 criminal proceedings have been registered.

  • Over 16,000 forcibly displaced Ukrainian children have been established.

  • 30 servicemen of the RF have been notified of suspicion for having committed war crimes against children

❖ The indictments against 7 persons have been lodged before the court.

❖ 7 persons have been convicted.


155 facts of CRSV have been recorded

❖ 6 military servicemen of the RF have been notified of suspicion of having committed the CRSV crimes (all of them in absentia);

❖ the indictments against 2 persons have been lodged before the court;

❖ 1 person has been convicted

The event took place as part of a press tour for French journalists to mark the anniversary of the Russian invasion, which took place on February 10-15, 2023.


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