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Return the kidnapped Ukrainian children

On June 1-5, rallies were held in 28 European cities demanding the return of Ukrainian children deported from our country by the Russian authorities.

The protesters demanded that Russia be forced to return the stolen and forcibly adopted children, and that Russian officials responsible for the deportation of children be punished. The rallies were held in Bratislava, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg, Istanbul, Krakow, Larnaca, London, Malaga, Paris, Podgorica, Riga, Rome, Istanbul, Valletta, and Vilnius.

In total, the rallies were attended by about five thousand people around the world: the diaspora, students, and Ukrainian women who have moved abroad. The rally was also joined by the NGO Tribunal, Ukrainian Students for Freedom, Communities Army of Ukraine, Ukrainian Students Worldwide, Students for Liberty, and Orphans Feeding Foundation.

"A total of 19,499 children were deported from Ukraine. And these are only those we know about. We can conclude that the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukrainian children are not accidental, but are well-planned," said Oleh Пavrysh, a spokesman for the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Russians also carry out illegal adoption procedures and transfer of children - citizens of Ukraine - to citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as change of citizenship. The deportation and forced displacement of Ukrainian children is one of the signs of the crime of genocide of the Ukrainian people through children.

In addition, the Russian army is killing and injuring children. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian invaders, tragic news about the deaths and injuries of Ukrainian children has been coming almost every day.

"Our goal is to completely stop the deportation and forced displacement of Ukrainian children, their forced transfer to Russian families and to take all necessary measures for their safe return and family reunification in accordance with the interests of the child and international law," Gavrysh said.

Russian invaders have already killed 488 children in Ukraine.


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