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Volunteers wanted

Dear friend, we really need your help!

Ukraine is currently fighting on many fronts. While our defenders are fighting the enemy with weapons in their hands, we, as a civil society organization, are fighting our battle at the civic level.

What does our organization do? Together with other civil society organizations and the Working Group established by the President of Ukraine, we seek justice for Ukraine on the world stage: a trial for Russia's political leadership and the return of kidnapped Ukrainian children.

We need your talents to bring the victory closer: to prepare a text, design a layout, write a letter, post a post on social media, take a photo on your phone... Together, we can do much more for the victory of our country.

We don't care how much experience you have or how fluent you are in languages. What matters to us is your desire to help Ukraine.

So, if you are ready to spare at least two hours a week to do something useful for Ukraine, let us know (fill the form on the page by the button)


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